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I Wonder

I wonder what happens to our soul after it exit this shell of flesh and bones. Like does the energy just fade away and that’s it?. Or does it travel to another realm the same realm that we drift away to when we sleep at night. I wonder will racism ever end,will they ever give us the peace that us as humans deserve?. No More bickering about what ethnicity is the dominant or superior race. I also wonder how is it that its 2014 and kids from the late 80’s early and late 90’s still hate someone because of the tone of their skin. How Come generations teach the next batch of kids to hate another?. You would’ve thought that as time progressed somewhere down the line this issue would’ve thinned itself into non existence. I wonder does pure love really exist,is there really a such thing as a loyal and faithful couple. Is man really tempted by urge that comes over him when he see a woman who has a physical asset that the women he’s supposed to be in love with doesn’t have?. Or is woman really that easily impressed with a man who has the abs and every luxurious possession her man doesn’t own?. I also wonder is sitting around wondering a waste of time or is it worth cramming your thoughts with a bunch of questions that may never have answers. Keep Wondering

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I don’t really blog or write so called inspirational post but something told me that it was ok to do that today. Deep down inside of my heart I feel sorry for the kids who are growing up in today’s world. Because to me it seems that we are living in the dark ages we are unknowingly walking on a old safari bridge that is soon to crumble. There was a time music was used to express pure and honest feelings Specifically the Hip Hop genre. Not only is the art watered down with characters of all kinds from different parts of the world but it is used as a weapon of mass destruction. Teaching young men that it’s ok to emasculate themselves and to emulate the dress code of woman is by all means wrong, especially young men of color. I myself am afraid to bring a child into this world nothing religious but for the fact you the parent doesn’t raise your children the Internet does. In click of a few buttons there’s porn,murder,drugs etc. I was raised a disciplined child so it’s scares me to know that society now says the parent could face a penalty for disciplining their own child. I don’t know man maybe I’m just overthinking everything or I’m just having a nostalgic moment missing the days when there were no worries at all back when we had to wait for an album to drop before hearing it which made it mean that much more to your soul. Or when winter becomes bone chilling cold there were more starter jackets & beanies and less skintight jeans and feminine pull overs. Back when racism did exist but the power of social media didn’t spread the issue of choosing sides and negative belittling comments that spread hatred like wildfire or some sort pandemic planned by the the government. These are just a portion of my thoughts im sure there are others who can relate and also disagree. BE FREE

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